AWI really kept up with our needs and provided top talent.  Their team does a fantastic job of screening potential contractors, and provided engineers that were a great “fit” for what we needed. 
– Director of North American Engineering- Global Heavy Mobile Equipment Manufacturer
AWI is at the top of our list.  They do what it takes to get the job done.
– Engineering, Embedded Software- Global Consumer Products Manufacturer
They have displayed over and over again to be a true asset to our business by providing 10 top-quality engineers for extremely complex projects.
– Vice President of Engineering- Global Heavy Equipment Manufacturer
AWI provided Pro/E designers that require a very specific background and they were able to get it right the first time.  Great business partner!
– Engineering Director- Global Heavy Mobile Equipment Manufacturer
AWI has provided us with engineering support including software programmers and developers to our very technical and time-sensitive projects.
– Director- Aerospace and Defense Contractor
They are a true value-add to me and our engineering group by providing VHDL programmers, lab engineers, and various other “difficult-to-find” engineers.
– HR Manager- Global Aerospace and Defense Contractor
There has been a shortage of quality Pro/E designers over the past few years, yet AWI is able to deliver the right designers in little time.
– CAD Supervisor- Global Consumer & Industrial Products Manufacturer
A recent “high visibility” project required thermal analysis, stress analysis, software engineering, and design, and AWI was a definite asset in us meeting the technical and schedule requirements.
– Engineering Manager- Global Defense Contractor
Beyond supplying technical talent, AWI is willing and able to understand the needs of our managers in order to get the right engineer usually within two days, which is must for my business.
– Director- Global Electrical Contractor
AWI is responsive, adapting to changing business requirements, and I would definitely recommend them for our contract engineering needs.
– Coordinator, Contract CAD Services- Global Consumer Products Manufacturer
AWI has the ability to understand my technical requirements in very little time and they deliver the right candidates every time I need them.
– Design Manager- Global Electrical Contractor
I want you to know that I am very pleased with the quality of service and level of engineering talent AWI provides us. 
– Sr. HR Rep- Global Electronics Manaufacturer
AWI would go the extra mile to understand our business so they could get us the engineers we need…the first time.
– HR Business Partner- Global Consumer Products Manufacturer
AWI follows up face-to-face and provides outstanding customer service.
– Director- Global Generator Manufacturer
AWI can build an excellent engineering team.
– Lead Engineer- Global Boat Manufacturer
AWI has quickly learned of our operations and has the ability o translate our requirements into delivery.
– Procurement Director- Global Boat Manufacturer
In addition to delivering results, our AWI Account Manager is fun a charismatic.
– HR Rep- Global Electronic Product Manufacturer
Our AWI Account Manager is very professional, energetic, and “roll up the sleves and get things done” type of guy.  I enjoy his attention to detail and enthusiasm.
– HR Manager- Global Fluid Systems Product Manufacturer
AWI will deliver.  Period.  They will not sacrifice “quality-first.”
– Executive VP- Glass Systems Manufacturer
AWI gets results by building relationships, and provide excellent engineers.
– Director- Global Aerospace and Defense Contractor