Industries & Disciplines

Mechanical Engineering

We consistently screen, recruit, qualify, and place talented Mechanical Engineers with our clients.   We understand the vast range of duties these types of degreed Engineers handle on time sensitive projects with key deliverables.

We customize our talent strategy with our extensive active and passive networks to put the right Mechanical Engineering solution to work for you whether it is a role as a Design Engineer, Product Support Engineer, Project Engineer, Staff Engineer, or other key technical contributor.

Electrical Engineering

AWI Engineering has been keenly aware of the shortage of qualified Electrical Engineers in the marketplace and therefore have positioned ourselves to continuously engage and attract new talent for our clients from a variety of sources and networks.  Understanding the critical hats worn by Electrical Engineers in a variety of niche focused work allows us to directly engage with those individuals in our clients’ area of expertise.

We have provided project based and long term Electrical Engineering solutions to our customers involved with power generation and distribution, installation/start-up/commissioning, electrical testing, electrical circuitry, electrical machine design, food/beverage processing, Military/Defense applications, and a variety of other roles that our integral to clients successful project completion and customer delivery.

Software/Computer Engineering

At AWI Engineering we have specialized emphasis in the Computer/Software Engineering space.  This evolving discipline requires our teams to stay abreast on the latest technology trends and pulse of the market for talented individuals with Software Engineering, Computer Science, or related degrees and credentials.

Due to our expanded effort we have satisfied various clients with successful placements of key personnel concentrating on computer systems design and engineering, software/hardware design and construction, software testing/verification/validation, requirements engineering, computer programming from scratch, and other capacities involved with the development, operation, and maintenance of software.

Automation/Controls Engineering

Controls Engineers and those with expertise in Automation continue to be in short supply and high demand.  We understand that regrettable turnover or attrition can place an unrealistic burden on completing the technical requirements of certain projects or sustained output for the long term.

When you partner with AWI Engineering we determine your specific requirements from control systems design/development, industrial automation, motion controls programming, vision systems integration, HMI/networking applications, robotics/autonomous systems, and other practical applications of both classical and modern control theory to deliver a project based or long term talent solution.

Civil/Environmental Engineering

When dealing with Civil/Environmental Engineering professionals we look to understand what they bring to the table for our clients by qualifying what specific roles and projects they have excelled in.  This could be finding the right type of individual for a municipal based or public works project, commercial/residential development, DOT projects, hazardous waste management, or related industrial application.

We look forward to partnering with our clients and being a one stop talent resource for everything from Surveying Technicians to degreed Professional Engineers with applicable P.E. licensure.

FEA/CFD Engineering

This niche focused area is very important in solving a range of day to day engineering issues and we take great pride in locating and networking with these qualified individuals who are generally in shorter market supply than other engineering disciplines.   Our customized approach in evaluating FEA needs for example has us fully understanding our clients Preprocessing, Analysis, and Postprocessing protocols to ensure the specific duties and responsibilities support the desired output.

You can look to us for talent solutions in everything from Mesh modeling support, CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) expertise, Stress Analysis, Structural design calculation support, CODE experts (ASME, ASCE, NPFA, etc.), and other focused experts to assist your team.

Aerospace/Defense Engineering

As the Defense and Aerospace industries generally have some very dynamic customer requirements we fully understand the need for talent that can deliver within short suspense and add strategic value to the organization.  Our approach in these areas have enabled us to support a variety of firms that are inevitably linked to the DOD, FAA, or applicable government entities.

We can support your organization with concentrated efforts in key technical areas that may focus on specific design requirements for cost, weight, or survivability, field service and support, testing/validation, and any specific applications/technologies associated with program requirements.

Biomedical Engineering

As this discipline proverbially links medicine, healthcare, and engineering we have harvested a strategy to ensure our clients’ needs are addressed in these arenas.  We have partnered with medical device design firms, imaging equipment OEMs, and pharmaceutical processing companies to support Biomedical Engineering and related hiring initiatives.  We understand that legislation and compliance have continued to change in these areas and as a result we continue to ensure our talent strategies are flexible to the evolving needs of our customers.

Chemical/Process Engineering

We can support your needs in these areas as evident by our knowledge in supporting raw materials conversion projects, ethanol plant design/construction, and various process design engineering support in the food, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, and industry related sectors.  Our emphasis on fully understanding the past applications of our promotable talent further aligns the satisfaction of our client’s requirements.

We can support your talent needs in many areas including process design and optimization, process controls development, plant design, facility optimization, and natural gas/oil/fuel engineering support.

Industrial/Manufacturing Engineering

Our understanding of OEMs is enhanced by our ability to understand not only the design cycles but also the keen understanding of our clients’ manufacturing process.   Our clients may be concentrating on Quality Engineering initiatives to decrease rework or assembly time or seeking an Industrial Engineering solution that supports efficiency and space considerations; we look to add value to your organization in finding the right type of people that fit into your culture.

We have successfully placed Manufacturing Engineers, Industrial Engineers, Quality Engineers and related technicians that support these areas.  We understand that having people who can improve and optimize process resulting in economic efficiencies is critical to sustainable growth and adding internal/external stakeholder value.

Engineering Services

Our Engineering Services support package accounts for a variety of roles that support our clients’ internal and external customers.  We have successfully supported firms with Technical Writers, Technical Illustrators, CAD Administrators, Engineering support personnel, Parts/Materials analysts, PLM specialists, ERP/MRP analysts, and related disciplines that support core engineering workload.

Architectural Engineering Services

Our networks with qualified individuals in the Architectural Engineering space has generated significant contributions to various award winning projects of our clients.  From initial bid/proposal efforts to the creative Architectural design aspect with tools such as Autodesk, Chief Architect or related; we can provide a solution that fits your current or upcoming needs to deliver successful projects on time and within budget.   Our experience working with a variety of firms has expanded our networks and industry knowledge in these areas which can be applied to our clients’ specific interest.

3D CAD Modeling

AWI Engineering works with personnel who are experts in 3D modeling within various industries and with various software packages.  We have the substantial ability to deliver a talent solution that is customized for you.   Our internal networks with personnel have enabled us to successfully add value to clients by fulfillment of roles ranging from entry level Drafters to Conceptual Mechanical Designers to Structural Designers.  If your firm is utilizing a 3D Cad Modeling software package whether it’s AutoCAD, Pro-E, Solidworks, Autodesk, or anything related we are the firm to put the pieces in place to deliver on your current or future design solutions.